Read What Some of Our Customers Have to Say...

"We went through 3 IT companies until The branmark GROUP was referred to us.  Their service and rates are second to none and the one on one attention that we get is fantastic - we truly feel valued as a client.  We are saving thousands of dollars (literally) on an annual basis"

Todd C.
eMploy Inc.

"The Staff and Board of St. Luke's Hill Nursery School is very pleased with the website service we received from the Branmark Group. Their professional demeanor and generosity with our non-profit organization is to be highly commended. Robert Sedia answered our committee's multitude of questions, and maintained his professionalism through the sometimes tedious process of website design and revision. He explained website support clearly and carefully, and assured our confidence in his experience and abilities. Not only is our organization contented with the finished product, but we have received numerous positive comments about our new website from others. We sincerely recommend the Branmark Group for those looking for affordable and professional website services.

The Staff and Board of St. Luke's Hill Nursery School, Fairport, NY"


"Creative, helpful, partners are the 3 words I would use to describe The branmark GROUP.  We have learned so much about how websites work not to mention marketing in general.  There are a lot of media companies out there trying to sell you fluff - The branmark GROUP has got your back!"

Caroline D.
Carolines Hair Salon & Day Spa

"We thought that we knew everything and that investing in a website was a waste of money.  As embarrassed as we are to admit it, we would tell our calling customers that we would fax them a menu.  It is a pleasure working with The branmark GROUP, they made the process easy to deal with and when they showed us that our website received 2112 visits in the first month - we knew that we made the right choice.  Thank you branmark GROUP"

1 Embarrassed Company


 "I was having problems with my iMac and took it to a computer repair shop who quoted me $125.00 for the repair. I needed a second opinion and my sister told me about Bob at Branmark. He actually drove to my house and walked me through the repair in 10 minutes! My computer is working perfectly ever since. I cannot believe that the other company was going to charge me $125.00 for a 10 minute job. Thanks again Bob! "

Eric A.
Rochester, NY


5 STAR REVIEWS from the Chamber of Commerce

Reviewed by: Marty On 8/29/2011
   The branmark Group's level of expertise is only matched by their professionalism and knowledge. If you need a website, CALL THEM! You will get soooooooooooo much more for your money! Cash4Cars
Reviewed by: Jeff N. On 8/18/2011
   I love their Menu2Go program because they saved my company 3500.00 in printing costs and put a better product in my customer's hands!
Reviewed by: Kim S. On 7/6/2011
   I had a virus on my laptop and was told (by another company) that I needed a bunch of work totaling almost 200.00 I could not afford that so I called Branmark and they were able to get my laptop running like new for 60.00 !!!! I know who I will call FIRST now!
Reviewed by: Cindy On 7/5/2011
   This company will go above and beyond your expectations! I feel like I didn't pay enough! If you get a chance to work with Bob or Ken, do it!
Reviewed by: Joe On 7/4/2011
   Our sales and revenue have increased as a result of the direction from the branmark group. They are Professional and very helpful.
Reviewed by: Andrew D. On 7/4/2011
   I have worked with multiple website and graphic design companies and I can tell you that the branmark GROUP is by far the BEST!

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